Programme Structure – Phonics & Play Group

Class A Finger Grammar

To strengthen students’ grammar and phonics base in an easily-understood way, significantly improving their reading and writing skills;

To teach them about grammatical concept in an interactive play group way, nurturing their analytical mind and ability of proper English usage;

To provide them with practices and notes about phonics in different levels, hence to help them recapture and learn in every play group lesson, with occasional revision sessions and mini-tests.

Class B 5-Finger Kingdom Writing

To equip students with multi-angle thinking through role play;

To raise their interest towards writing, allowing them to create content-rich passages without any difficulties;

To cover different kinds of pragmatic writing styles.

Class C Reading, Oral and Listening

To encourage students to read, listen, speak in the lesson, nurturing their interest towards English;

To provide them with analysis of comprehension skills, oral training and listening practices;

To train them about logical thinking, which help them resolve any type of questions.